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If you are in crisis or at risk:
Please call the national
Suicide Prevention LIfeline 800.273.8255 or visit
Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Crisis Link is a local support hotline in Virginia that also supports the metro area 703.527.4077 


Want to know more?

The following are pdf download documents. With changing laws and practices in medicine, please note the dates of the materials. These documents are intended only to be used as a point of departure in your further research.


Americans with Disabilities Act Title 1: Employment

American Psychiatric Association (APA)
Bipolar Summary

APA Bipolar Guidelines

APA Depression Guidelines Summary

APA Suicidal Behavior Guidelines

Student Paper - Bipolar Case Study

Bipolar Disorder in Children

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Patients and Families

Understanding Adult Depression

Late Life Depression

Childhood and Adolescent Depression

Understanding Antipsychotic Medications

Helpful Links

Bipolar Mood Charting

Mood Charting, Gary Sachs

Women and Depression

Major Depression

Treatment Resistant Depression

DBSA Online Toolbox for Wellness





The resources listed below are submitted by users and do not necessarily express the views of DBSA or the NCA chapter. 

Washington DC

Green Door Community Program

Department of Mental Health - Metro Area Mood Disorders

Mental Health Association of the District of Columbia



Whitman-Walker Clinic


Bethesda Beatniks

Dept. of Health + Mental Hygiene

Maryland Disability Law Center


NAMI/Montgomery County

On Our Own of Maryland

Northern Virginia


NAMI/Northern Virginia

VA Office for Protections and Advocacy

VA  Dept. of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services

Vocal Co-Op



American Managed Behavioral Healthcare Association

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychological Association

American Public Health Association

Anxiety Disorders Association of America

Center for Mental Health Services

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Federation of Families for Childern's Mental Health

Mental Health America

Mood Garden

National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

National Institute of Mental Health

National Mental Health Association

National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression

National Alliance on Mental Illness

National Mental Health Consumer's Self-Help Clearinghouse

National Empowerment Center



International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression

Mental Disability Rights International

Suicide and Mental Health Association International

World Federation of Mental Health